CPU Time and Processing Time

 Hello Basis Folks , 

We ran a survey on our page asking about CPU time and Processing time and little that we know many of the Consultants are like me who find it challenging to understand the difference and similarity between these two.

Lets break the myths that people have with respect to both :-

CPU Time : It reflects the amount of CPU resources required by the work process during the dialog step.  It is specific performance indicator for an individual work process . So to conclude CPU time is the time needed by an individual work process during dialog step is measured.

Read this two point that I am trying to make :-

1. CPU time is no explicit component of response time.

2. But CPU time and processing time are related.

An application server needs to allocate CPU time for the specific task, and this server can allocate CPU time for the specific task depends on :-

Overall Load on the host 

So we need to understand that ,  Processing time does not automatically mean CPU time allocation. If CPU resources are in short supply , processing and response time will grow but no real work is done.
Remember that CPU used by the database or required by the other work process is not taken in to account.

Processing Time : Processing time is an important component of the response time . While processing ABAP Coding , CPU time is needed . So Processing time is the time program execution proceeds in the work process. This time is not measured directly but this formula is used for the same 

Processing time = Dialog Response time - ( Wait Time + Roll in Time + Load and Generation Time + Enqueue Time + DB Time + Roll Wait Time )

Reference :-

ADM315 : Performance Analysis of ABAP System