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Building the Foundation of the PO System: Architecture and some terminologies

1. Loosely Coupled and Tightly Coupled Services : Loosely Coupled Services : These services interact with each other with minimal dependencies. Changes in one service don't significantly impact others. Pros include flexibility, easier updates, and better scalability. A common example in PO is when a shipping service communicates with an inventory service. Changes in the inventory service won't necessarily disrupt shipping. Tightly Coupled Services : These services are interdependent, so changes in one service can affect others. While they might provide faster communication, they can be less flexible and harder to maintain. For example, tightly coupling an order processing service with a payment service means any change in payment could ripple to order processing. 2. SOA - Service-Oriented Architecture : SOA is an architectural approach where everything is treated as a service, encapsulating specific functionality. Service Orchestration Example (Banking Transaction) : Consider