HANA 101 Series - Decoding - HANA DB Version

Hana corrections usually are shipped in the form of support packages(SP) , Support Pack Stack (SPS) & Revisions(Rev). 

This blog will be help us to identify on which SPS & revision is the HANA running by looking at the version.

This decoding can come in handy while planning for a HANA SPS Update or a revision update.

Please see below for what each digit in HANA DB version actually means :

Another Example:

Version :  HANA

Ø      HANA 2.00 – HANA platform edition 2, Support pack(SP) 00.

Ø      HANA 2.00.054 – HANA platform edition 2, Support pack(SP) 00, Support Pack Stack(SPS) 5, Revision 54.

Ø      HANA - HANA platform edition 2, support pack stack(SPS) 5, Revision 54, Patch number 0, build reference number 1611906357.


PS : Typically, Revision will always be called with the SPS like on SPS5 it is revised for 4th time, it is called revision 54(fifty four).

Likewise, if it is revised for 7th time it would be HANA 2.00.057 (Revision - Fifty Seven)


  1. Good information Vamsi!! Makes the decoding of HANA DB version clear.


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