Applying JAVA License when System is down and starting in SAFE Mode

 We faced a strange situation :-

1. Java License was expired.

2. Now in normal situation you get a window of 30 mins after restart to apply License.

3. But for some reason the system started getting into SAFE MODE . 

4. In SAFE MODE , J2EE Engine does not start without license.

5. All this was happening during System Installation/Upgrade.

The issue was weird because we tried to remove the system from SAFE mode by going to \usr\sap\<SID>\<instID>\j2ee\configtool\ and using configtool.bat/sh but for this tool to work your java system should be up.

We encountered a deadlock we need to get our java system up , we need to remove our system from SAFE mode to do that the way we know was using configtool which would not work until we have our JAVA System up.

We were able to get off this situation using consoleconfig.bat/sh it is present in the same location but we were initially not aware of this . Mentioned in 2861966 . 

Once you have started consoleconfig.bat/sh go through the options and you will get an option to remove the system from SAFE MODE.

More than half of your job is done now, Restart your system and since it is not in SAFE mode it will start and give you a window of 30 mins to apply license.

You cannot use the simple GUI method as License has already expired and you will have a limited option you need to apply license using telnet as mentioned in the note 2444530

1. telnet <your_host> <port_number[5XX08]> and login using Administration and Password.

2. jump <node ID>

3. add licensing 

4. INSTALL_LICENSE -file <file name of license along with the entire location>

Note :- For more and detailed information and before  using please read the mentioned SAP Notes.

Reference Notes :-