List of Important SAP tables for Basis Admin

You can access or modify SAP tables using the T-code SE16 and SM30.
Before modifying these tables, please take your expert's advice as it may lead to inconsistencies.

System Component Version

Table NameDescription
UVERSDeployed component version
CVERSDetailed deployed component version
SVERSKernel Release Number
STACKHEADRStore information about Imported Software (SP) Stacks information

Patch management

Table NameDescription
PAT01Support Package import status
PAT02Conflicts between patches and add-Ons, gets populated at the end of phase CONFLICT_CHECK
PAT03OCS package Directory
PAT04Contains an identifier for each add-on/package
PAT05SAP Patch Manager Settings for SPAM/SAINT
PAT06Component-Specific patch information
PAT07Support Package prerequisites along with description
PATLOGLogging Table for Transaction SPAM/SAINT

User Administration

Table NameDescription
USR01User Master Table : Contains information we provide in SU01
USR02Logon Data, Lock status, password in encrypted format
USR03User Address data as we see is SU01
USR04Profiles assigned to user
USR05Parametes assigned to users; These values you can see in parameters tab in su01
USRSTAMPLast modification time to user. Eg. profile assignment, password change etc.
USR41User logon data

SAP Security

Table NameDescription
AGR1251Authorization data for the activity group
AGR1252Organizational elements for authorizations ( this table gives only organizational data)
AGR_DEFINERole definition
AGR_USERSRolese assigned to users
AGR_AGRSRoles in Composite Roles
TOBJAuthorization Objects
TDDATMaintenance Areas for Tables
TSTCSAP Transaction Codes
TPGPABAP/4 Authorization Groups
USOBTRelation transaction > authorization object
USOBXCheck table for table USOBT
USOBT_CRelation Transaction > Auth. Object (Customer)
USOBX_CCheck Table for Table USOBT_C

Transport Management System

Table NameDescription
E070Give Request number, status, target client and Desrcription
E071Request ID and Object Name

Client Administration

Table NameDescription
T000/1Clients/ Company Codes

Spool Administration

Table NameDescription
TST01TemSe: List of objects and parts
TST02TemSe: Protection rules
TST03TemSe data


Table NameDescription
T002Stores Language Keys
DD02LStores SAP Tables
DD02TSAP DD: SAP Table Texts
DD03LTable Fields