Using HDBLCM as call options in parameter from command line

Entering Platform LCM Parameters as Call Options from the Command Line

Call options are available for every SAP HANA platform LCM program.
You can use call options for a number of reasons:
●The parameter is not available in interactive mode, but can be entered as a call option.
●You are using batch mode.
●You are using a configuration file, but would like to override a parameter in the configuration file with a new value.
●You are installing an SAP HANA multiple-host system from the command line.

./hdblcm --<parameter1 key>=<parameter1 value> --<parameter2 key>=<parameter2 value>

Scenario it can be used ,

Suppose your organization have a standard to follow for all the HANA installations that are done with fixed configuration but anyhow the system id and few other parameters need to be different in this case you can directly call those particular parameter and have a explicit values for those