System Copy in HANA

System Copy in HANA 

Actual System Copy is nothing but a standard database recovery with below mentioned  differences.

1. Point in time recovery is not possible as well as recovery to most recent state is not possible as to get most recent state we need log segments also. Backups will only include log backups and data backups . The log segments of the source system cannot be used in this obviously because those log segments are on source system and SAP does not provide any workaround to share log segments to different systems.

2. When you are prompted in target system to enter the log backup location , remove the proposed default location and add the path of log backup that you want to recover from which will be location where your log backups of source system is stored

Note : In case of regular recovery , the database will determine possible recovery path from the recent backup catalog that it finds in the location 

3. To choose the Data backups path, Similarly as we had in log backups Database will have a default path but you need to mention the alternative location where your backup from source system is stored.

4. You must choose that initialize the log area , The system does not changes this automatically but this is mandatory imagine we can have so much inconsistencies if somehow the log area starts working over the target system as log area is related to the target system but your foundation of building the backup is logs and data backups from your source system which can raise up inconsistences or even db crash.

5.In the recovery, a major difference is that while performing the recovery the license on the database is erased. The obvious reason for erasing the license would be the Source System License will not be valid for target system.

    If Target System already had a License key, you can re-install the license

    If Target System didn't had any key, you need to generate a new License key