What is SAP Hostagent ?

Host agents perform several life-cycle management tasks, such as operating system monitoring, database monitoring, system instance control and provisioning.

  • Installed automatically during the installation of new SAP system instances with SAP kernel 7.20 or higher.
  • SAP Host Agent is upgraded automatically as part of the SAP system instance, when you patch or upgrade the SAP kernel.
  • You can also install and upgrade SAP Host Agent independently from an SAP system instance.
  • Host agent is started automatically while we restart by sapinst in unix and in windows it is done by window service SAPHostcontrol and SAPHostexec.

Feature Provided by SAP Hostagent: 

By using sap hostagent various external entity such as LAMA , SOLMAN , SAP MC interact with the system using webservice runtime.

  • SAP instance discovery and inventory

  • SAP instance control

  • Database monitoring and management

  • System or instance provisioning:

    • Hosting the infrastructure of SAP Landscape Virtualization Management (LVM), formerly known as SAP NetWeaver Adaptive Computing Controller (ACC)

    • Hosting software lifecycle (SL) tools interfaces

  • Operating system monitoring:

    • Using saposcol

    • Using Common Information Model (CIM) based infrastructures

  • IBM i-specific features:

    • Dynamically adopted authorization for SAP kernel 7.20 and higher

    • SAP ILE daemon (SAPILED)

    • SAP Database Performance Collector for IBM i

Executables that perform SAP hostagent task :-

User used





saphostcontrol -nr <instance> -function ListDatabases



saphostexec is a service or daemon

hosts are monitored using this service.

hostagent administration (i.e. installation and upgrade of hostagent)

Check Hostagent version

./saphostexec -version

Check Hostagent Status

./saphostexec -status

Restart Hostagent

./saphostexec -restart

Stop Hostagent

./saphostexec -stop

Start Sap hostagent by using host profile

/usr/sap/hostctrl/exe/saphostexec pf=/usr/sap/hostctrl/exe/host_profile


NA(standalone command that run in OS background)

It runs independent of instances and we have exactly one agent for each host. The data collected by Saposcol is placed in a shared memory which makes the information available to all instances in a host and to various applications

Usage of virtual and physical memory

CPU utilization

Utilization of physical disks and file systems

Resource usage of running processes

Points to keep a note of :-

  • SAPHostControl should not be confused with sapstartsrv which runs under the <sid>adm user in the SAP system instance with the instance profile.
  • SAPHostControl contains the functionality of the previous CCMS agent SAPCCMSR, that is, the agent that monitors hosts. 
  • Is SAP Hostagent mandatory , short answer No! , but it is highly recommended by SAP and is installed automatically at multiple instances for example when diagnostic agent is installed or simply when kernel is installed.

SAP hostagent files :-

Work Dir : In unix and IBM , /usr/sap/hostctrl/work

In windows, %ProgramFiles%\SAP\hostctrl\work

these directory  also contains few configuration files CSMCONF : Start file of the hostagent that contains connection data for central monitoring system and SAPCCMS.INI : that contains extent to which plug-ins, log files, and SAPOSCOL information should be considered; this file is read when the agent is started

To display all files in working directory of SAP HOSTAGENT is RZ 21 , Display Technical Topology > Work directory of the agent

Log Dir : Created During runtime 

sapstartsrv_ccms.log : Log files for central system monitoring , subdirectory sapccmsr of the working directory 
sapstartsrv.log : Contains developer trace of sapstartsrv
dev_saphostexec : developer trace of saphostexec
dev_sapdbctrl : developer trace of sapdbctrl 

How to download latest SAP Hostagent?

Download the latest version SAPHOSTAGENT from service marketplace.



How to install SAP Hostagent independently ?

<download path > : where new sap host agent is kept the SAR file

logon as root user 

1. uncar that file 
move to  the executable file location of hostctrl /usr/sap/hostctrl/exe/

In windows , sapcar.exe -xvf \SAPHOSTAGENT<SPversion>.SAR 
Similarly in linux sapcar -xvf \SAPHOSTAGENT<SPversion>.SAR

2. perform install

saphostexec -install

3. Check status of sap hostagent

sahostexec -status

How to upgrade SAP Hostagent independently ?

<download path > : where new sap host agent is kept the SAR file

1. uncar that file 
move to  the executable file location of hostctrl /usr/sap/hostctrl/exe/

In windows , sapcar.exe -xvf \SAPHOSTAGENT.SAR -manifest SIGNATURE.SMF
Similarly in linux instead of sapcar.exe directly sapcar

2. perform upgrade 

saphostexec -upgrade

How to uninstall SAP Hostagent ?

Login as root user , /usr/sap/hostctrl/exe/saphostexec -uninstall

For more read :- SAP NOTE: 2219592 [You should continuously upgrade SAP Hostagent ]

Github link for RHEL SAP Hostagent [RHEL HOSTAGENT]