HANA System Copy Issue : nameserver startup : check service against topology failed


So when we are performing HANA system copy we also need to have identical service running on target system same as source system.

I would like to mention here that the before performing the recovery just check before hand that you have the identical services running over target system. Check what are the services running on both the system.

Error : Recovery Failed in nameserver startup : Check services against topology failed : mismatch 0 statistics servers configured in source topology , 1 in destination system

So what is the system configuration here 

  1. Source System : Statistics service is embedded into name server and index server process [More on SAP NOTE : 1917938]

  2. Target System : Statistics server is a standalone process.

If you don’t realize this before starting the recovery you will get above mentioned issue and because you already started the actual system recovery, the system cannot be started normally any longer. You will first need to perform a normal recovery.

We can solve this issue by applying the correct configuration change [SAP NOTE : 1917938]

We have 2 main steps now to be performed on Target System :-

  1. This step would configure the statics server embedded with nameserver

Enabling the statistics server in the name server is a system wide configuration. You have to therefore enter the configuration in nameserver.ini present in 

/usr/sap/<SID>/SYS/ global/hdb/custom/config and make sure that the file contains a [statisticsserver] section with parameter active = true.

  1. This step would remove the standalone statistics server

Edit the daemon.ini file of your database which is present in    /usr/sap/<SID>/<instance>/<hostname>

In that file remove the entire [statisticsserver] section including the parameter instance =1 

After performing these steps simply restart the recovery process.

Takeaways from the articles are 

  1. Statistics servers can run as embedded service in nameserver and index server, also as standalone program

  2. If you want to embed or remove the embedded statics service that is in nameserver you need to change the configuration in nameserver.ini

  3. Daemon is a service which manages all the other services, so in order to add or check about any standalone service you need to check daemon.ini file

Let’s do some brainstorming what you think we can do if source system had a standalone statistics server and in target it was embedded with nameserver ?

Yes you are right change the parameter active in nameserver.ini in section [statisticsserver] as false and then you need to add it as standalone . So go into daemon file add section  [statisticsserver]  and add parameter inside it instance = 1