HANA recommended FS Layout

HANA recommended FS Layout


Installation path


The mount directory is used for shared files between all hosts in an SAP HANA system. This directory needs to be accessible to each of the servers in the SAP HANA cluster.

In case of multiple <SID> system it is recommended to have share /hana/data and /han/log

●/hana/shared/<SID> - Contains executable programs (exe), globally shared data (global), instance profiles (profile), and SAP HANA configuration files.
●/hana/shared/<SID>/hdbclient - The SAP HANA client installation path.

The following paths apply when the SAP HANA studio is installed:
●/hana/shared/<SID>/hdbstudio_update - The studio repository installation path. The studio repository is used to update the local SAP HANA studio installation.
●/hana/shared/<SID>/hdbstudio - The SAP HANA studio installation path.

System instance/usr/sap

This is the path to the local SAP system instance directories.

●/usr/sap/hostctrl - The SAP host agent directory.

●/usr/sap/<SID> - Contains symbolic links to system executables (SYS) and the home directory (home) of the <sid>adm user.Note/usr/sap/<SID> must not be a mount point.

Data and Log Volume :

Data volume/hana/data
The default path to the data directory is /hana/data/<SID>.

Log volume/hana/log
The default path to the log directory is /hana/log/<SID>.

As per my latest knowledge the data/ file size should be 3*RAM
log/ file size should be 1*RAM
shared/ file size should be 1*RAM