DATA Silos in case of SAP HANA Cloud

 DATA Silos in case of SAP HANA Cloud,

ETL : Extract, transform, and load processes ,

1. Retrieve (extract) the data from its source, which can be a relational database, flat file, or cloud storage [In this case Cloud]

2.Reshape and cleanse (transform) data as needed to fit into the destination schema and to apply any cleansing or business rules

3.Insert (load) the transformed data into the destination, which is usually (but not always) a relational database table

Staging : When using staging tables to triage data, you enable RDBMS behaviors that are likely unavailable in the conventional ETL transformation. For example, you can create indexes on staging tables to improve the performance of the subsequent load into the permanent tables. You can run multiple transformations on the same set of data without persisting it in memory for the duration of those transformations, which may reduce some of the performance impact.