AS JAVA License Key

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Logon to Telnet console and add licensing menu

NB: Telnet service runs under port 08. E.g: to access telnet under Java engine you would use port 5XX08 (where XX is instance number)

  1. Open your command prompt/terminal depending on OS and connect to the SAP System via Telnet, e.g for a system with instance number 00 we would use:

    telnet localhost 50008

  2. You will now see the option to logon to the telnet server, use your admin user to logon as below:
  3. When you logon to Telnet, you will need to ensure you are on cluster 0. Type > jump 0 to do this.

  4. Next add the licensing menu using command > add licensing.

    The licensing menu is now activated, you can use the man command to view the list of available options:


Install a permanent or temporary license key

    1. Firstly, we need the hardware id and system id for the target system. Type > mshardwareid and mssystemid if the SID is not known. Resulting output will display as below:


    2. Request a license key via SMP: and follow the process. Download the license key onto the server.
    3. Install the license key with command > install_license -file /usr/path/to/license/key.txt/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/telnet6_1030529.png
    4. To install a temporary key, use the command > install_license -temp
    5. Validate the newly installed license key via command: > list_licenses
    6. You have now installed your AS Java license key via Telnet! 🙂