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HANA 101 Series - SYSTEM User Reset Procedures

 Hello All, Many-a-times we would have faced this issue as a BASIS consultant, where SYSTEM user is either deactivated or locked or the password needed to be reset. To ease things out, Below are the steps that need to be followed to reset password of SYSTEM user in systemdb and tenant db respectively. Also, Activation and deactivation of HANA User commands are listed below.. Keep in mind, to run activation and deactivation commands, user should have useradmin system privileges. !IMPORTANT!  - We Highly recommend not to use SYSTEM user for daily activities in production environment, below procedures are for only rare cases of urgency of using SYSTEM user by resetting the user. 1.                     Reset the SYSTEM User Password in the System Database                1.1                 If you can log on as the SYSTEM user                     ·        Log onto the system database, and execute below ALTER USER SQL statement:      SQL>   ALTER USER SYSTEM PASSWORD  <new_passwo