Timeline of a migration project

This is the follow up article on SAP System Copy and Migration , Make sure that you have already read the previous blog or have a understanding of that level

1. Migration Overview

2. Migration Service Tools

Come lets check what are the different phases and processes that are used : Flow of Migration 

Let's check on hardware requirement and what we should keep in mind,

1. OS/DB Migration on separate Hardware for PROD , so that in case of issues we can roll back to previous version and avoid business loss.

2. Other Sizing of new system should be performance optimized. 

3. Request resources that will be sufficient for the next update.

4. New hardware supports the required OS version for the SAP release and the database.

Note : Retaining old system allows error analysis , use the new disk layout in case of db change. Each db has specific hardware requirement.

So each migration system needs to be migrated but the PROD system need to have minimum two migration : Test and final. As DEV , QA and other systems are not that critical it is done in single migration. Adding up it is not necessary to do migration for QA instead we can perform System Copy.

System Type












 Dev migration is performed first and further migrations go on.

So as defined in previous blog that SAP OS/DB Migration checks are charged explicitly , apart from that we need to provide some information to SAP. Local Customer Interaction Center (CIC) is involved as any other SAP service.

We need to provide these details to SAP :-

1. Name of the person responsible , Should be OS/DB Migration Certified.

2. Describe PROD Source and PROD target System.

3. Target Date of test and final migration of production.

4. Plan date for check Analysis and Verification Analysis.

5. Description includes : SAP System Release , DB Type version and size, OS Type and version, Unicode version planned or not.

So we are charged for two : Migration Check Analysis and Check Verification

Migration Check Analysis : Need to be done ASAP after migration by SAP , ABAP and JAVA based component will be checked.

1. Check the Prod System with regard to migration.

2. SAP System and DB Parameter checks and recommendation. 

3. Analyze performance in SAP System and Database.

4. Make recommendation for migration , All the results are recorded in detail and provide to customer through service market place.

5. Focused on the special aspects involved in Platform or DB change.

6. Performed on PROD SOURCE system with regards to target migration system  environment.

Migration Check Verification : After 4 weeks, to perform SAP OS/DB Migration verification check . As several weeks are required to collect enough data for a performance analysis.

Previous production system is available during this time and we can revert back to the previous one if needed.

1. Analyze SAP System and DB logs.

2. Analyze response time of Critical Transactions.

3. Analyze performance bottle neck in System and Database.

4. Optimize System and DB parameters.

5. Check ABAP and JAVA based SAP System.