SAP OS/DB Migration Check Service Tool

In previous blog an overview of System Migration and System Copy was provided , in this one we are going to talk about Migration Check Services : Analysis and Verification Session.

The first point to note here is , SAP OS DB Migration check is fee based . Factors for Fee :

1. Specific to customer 

2. Differ from country to country 

3. Remote Service 

But , Tools for homogeneous and heterogeneous system copy are free of charge.

Benefits of Migration Check :-

1. Independent of third party standalone situation.

2. Standard procedure for all , make it easy to get the error and have a fixed set of process

3. Avoids , Errors that comes up during planning as we have defined procedure and is inspected by SAP.

4. Parameter recommendations are provided because of target system, through check with special regard to OS/DB change

5. Efficient Project Implementation through cooperation with Migration partner.

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